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585 represent!

"jensen, you would take a picture of that!" yeahhh.

D: D: D:


i apologize to anyone with slow connections or dial-up who just had to sit there while that shit loaded hahahaha.

so basically, that was the sickest place i've ever been. we didn't even explore the first floor or the basement, because it was all boarded up and pitch black, so we want to go back when we have more people and feel more comfortable. there were three or four abandoned houses we found on the property that we didn't go into, either, and maybe we'll do those another time. we did go into one little house, but it was creepy as fuck. there are a few pictures from it. it was honestly the only place on the property we went into that i felt uncomfortable and didn't want to stay in. otherwise i had a fucking blast!

cho is the best. <3

oh, sidenote, i'm going to keep this post public for a while. i'm gonna post the link a few places.

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